When Learning Norwegian

Learning any language is a challenge and it will most certainly give you great pleasure as well as some frustrations, Learning Norwegian Language is no different in this matter. Norwegian is considered to be one of the easiest languages to acquire for native English speakers.  Anyone who wants to live and work in Norway should learn Norwegian. In most job applications they require good knowledge of the Norwe

gian language as one of the key qualities. Even people with a Ph.D. have difficulties finding a job if they don´t master the language.  That said finding a place to learn Norwegian shouldn´t be that difficult. There are several online resources as well as traditional self-study courses with CD/DVD and books. Those can be really good alternatives, especially for beginners and people on a low budget. However sooner or later you will most certainly feel that something is missing. You might be wondering about the specific pronunciation of words, or how to get the sentence correct. Grammar is always a challenge and most students will find that some of it needs a deeper explanation than what they read in a book.  Norwegian grammar is easier than most other languages, partly because Norwegian Bokmal, which is closely related to written Danish has been simplifying the Danish language and making it closer to the spoken language of the Norwegians. The other written Language, which is Norwegian Nynorsk, is based on the dialects and especially on the dialects from the western and southern parts of Norway. The melody of the language is very similar to that of the Swedish language and Swedish is very easy to understand to most Norwegians.

Norwegian is a Germanic language and hence has much in common with other languages such as English, German and Dutch. Knowledge of any of these languages will definitely be an advantage when learning Norwegian. Though there are lots of similarities one will find quite a lot of differences as well. In general one will find that Norwegian is a simpler version since it´s written form has developed later and simplification has been one of the key goals of the written Norwegian language.

Here at Learning Norwegian Language, we offer affordable class lessons to students all over the globe. Being part of a class environment has many advantages to study by yourself. First of all you are not alone in your strive to master this new language. You have other people to discuss subjects with as well as your teacher that will help you out and guide you, during your learning process.  A group will always have different approaches to learning and this will most certainly shed light on parts of the language that no single person would have thought about.

In order to offer global learning of Norwegian we have to use new technology and Internet is the obvious universal resource that more than 2,5 billion people have access to.

When Learning Norwegian