Learn Norwegian Online

Learning Norwegian Online at Norwegian School Online is by far the best way to learn Norwegian for most people. Why is this?

  • You can study when you have the time!
  • Flexible lessons and approaches!
  • You will discover how to learn Norwegian fast!
  • You will learn Norwegian in a natural context from a real Norwegian teacher!

There are many ways you can learn a language. You really can´t say that anyone of them is wrong as long as you achieve your goal of learning the Language. However a language is more than words and grammar and if you are really going to master it you should know something about the country or countries where the language is spoken. The people, their culture and history. These are features that are often forgot in many courses. Here at Norwegian School Online, we pride our selves in making language learning a travel for every student. We want to give everyone knowledge about Norway and the Norwegians. This is useful no matter what you are aiming at when learning Norwegian. The travel will take you to different places and times and enlighten important aspects of the language and the people living in Norway.

So why should you Learn Norwegian Online?

Norwegian teachers are hard to come by and if you are not living in Norway an Online study might be the very best option for you. Even when living in Norway, you can´t beat the flexibility of an online course with your own private teacher.


Learn Norwegian Online