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The Viking Language (Old Norwegian = Norse)

Viking Ship

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In addition to Norwegian Language courses we offer a vide variety of courses related to Norway.

    • Norwegian History, Geography and Way of life
    • Education and Learning in Norway
    • Working Life in Norway
    • Health and Health Care in Norway
    • Children and family life in Norway
    • Democracy and Welfare Society The Scandinavian Way!
    • Norwegian Language History with Emphasis on the Vikings!


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Norwegian Language

The Norwegian language and its history is facinating and gives us insight into how the language evolved from Indeo-European through Proto Germanic and Proto Norse and into Norse which was the language of the Vikings. For anyone who is interested in the Norwegian language history, I´ve written short excerpts based on various historic sources.The Norse language influenced other languages in Europe during the Viking age that lasted from about 800 AD to 1150 AD. They traveld all the way to what is todays Istanbul (Constantinopel) as well as all the way to Canada and the Northern parts of the USA. They traded goods as far away as China and India and had a huge trading network even before anyone else even thought it was possible to travel such distances. Quite often they settled down in the land they conquered, and hence the language in this are was influenced. As well as conquering huge parts of Britain and then influencing the Anglo Saxon culture and their language.

If you want to learn a Scandinavian language and are not quite sure which one to choose. Well in case you don´t have a strong preference for any of the languages the choice is simple. Norway has the written language from Denmark and written Norwegian Bokmål and Danish is about 95% the same language. Danes have a very special way of pronouncing the word that can make it a bit more difficult for foreigners to learn. Spoken Norwegian and Swedish is quite similar as well, but the Swedes written language differs a bit from Norwegian and Danish. Norwegian is the most intelligible language a cross the borders in Scandinavia. This mean that you will be able to communicate with Scandinavians using Norwegian.

A comparison of the Scandinavian languages

Norwegian School Online gives you an option to acquire knowledge of the Norwegian language at an affordable price. As a Norwegian teacher and citizen, I´ve been teaching  about Norway and the Norwegian language to natives as well as foreign students for more than a decade. The past two years I´ve been focusing on the way to reach an even wider audience using Skype and online learning platforms in order to reach out globally. As well as teaching people the Norwegian Language I also enjoy giving them insight into the history of the people, our society and the way we are living. Due to this I get students who are not only educated in the Norwegian language, but they also get a greater understanding of the Norwegians and the Scandinavians as a whole.


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