Are You Considering Taking Your Business Overseas? Look at Norway!

Norway is a small country with all of its citizens taken care of, especially the children… Mothers and fathers alike are able to go back to work after having a new child and receive state-funded childcare without placing any pressure on the grandparents or other friends and relatives to care for the new baby. Learn more about life in Norway from Norwegian School Online, both family and work life in enjoyable with all sorts of state-funded entertainment, like a simple museum visit, as well as their internationally high rankings on things like income security and enabling environments.

University attendance is included with citizenship, so not only can your kids go to college, but the employees that you are looking for are more likely to have completed their college degrees! Also, if you are looking for committed employees, Norwegian citizens are known to be committed to their work beyond age 55 and live out their careers through at least age 64… You could find some very experienced and strong employees to either start or continue your business! The Norwegian population in general is recognized as being happy and welcoming, both promising traits in a professional network and potential employees.



NTNU the old university building Picture Creative Commons

In Norway you can also think of yourself and your retirement… With a higher level of monthly benefits provided to all Norwegian citizens over 67, there is a great reason to live out both your career and calmly settle into the next stage of life. With fewer health problems and a longer life expectancy, this little Scandinavian nation is a place looking more comfortable and relaxing as old age appears! With a high percentage of the population over the age of 60, there are many programs and promotions available for older Norwegian citizens.

Are You Considering Taking Your Business Overseas? Look at Norway!