Learn Norwegian

Learn Norwegian is about how you can acquire reasonable knowledge and fluency in this North Germanic language! There´s no need to be anxious about it; Norwegian is considered the 5th easiest language to learn for native English speaking people. If you have a reasonable knowledge of English, German, Dutch or any other Germanic language, Norwegian won´t be a big deal to learn. Languages have been divided into levels according to how difficult they are to learn for English speaking people. Norwegian is a level 1 language that means that you should get a good level of understanding and speaking with only about 100 lessons. This is an estimate and more of an average number since people learn languages at different paces. When learning Norwegian, there really is no way of failing since you always learn more than you already know, there are only different levels of success.


You need to have short-term goals!

Whenever learning a language setting short-term goals are extremely important. If you just say that I want to learn Norwegian this will most likely not be specific enough. You should set yourself reachable goals that you should be able to reach within the next 2-3 weeks from now. That could be goals like being able to ask for directions in Norwegian, or order a dinner at a restaurant. It could also be asking for help to find something in the shop and so on. Your long term goal to become fluent in Norwegian or any language for that matter should be your long term goals that will take months and even years depending on the level of fluency you are aiming at.


Learning a language is about communication

When you learn a language it is so much more than just the words, grammar and pronunciation. You learn about people, different cultures, set of minds, history and how they perceive the world around them. This knowledge gives you the ability to really communicate and share your own knowledge and thoughts with others. This is why learning a new language is stimulating to the brain and will even slow down the process of dementia when you get older.

If you want to learn Norwegian I would be more than happy to be your teacher. I offer 60 minutes one on one lessons at a very low price compared to most other Norwegian Language teachers! If you would like to read more about me and my lessons please feel free to go to www.learnnorwegiangetajob.com .


Learn Norwegian