Study Norwegian in an Online Class Environment

Learn Norwegian Online

Not everyone can afford one on one lessons with a Norwegian teacher! Even though I have very reasonable prices compared to other Norwegian teachers, I do understand that $45 for one hour (60 minutes) might be too much for many people around the world. I realize that people with a low income may have the same or even more reasons for learning Norwegian than those who are better off in this world.  There are some free resources online, but in order to really master the language most people need a teacher or a tutor that can help them on their way.

With the advance of technology there is no reason why people around the globe should not be able to learn whatever language they want. This is why I would like to offer very affordable Norwegian Classes Online! I would very much like to offer quality, though it is beyond any doubt that the best thing is one on one lessons with a teacher, I still believe that a small online class of 4 – 12 students can learn Norwegian very efficiently. Of course more time will have to be used on self-study and teamwork between the students themselves. I recommend that the students meet online between each lesson and that they use the language, discuss problems they might have and discuss it with the teacher during the lessons.

How much is this going to cost me you might ask? And the answer is, it depends on the number of students. The minimum number of students needed to start a class is 4. Then they would have to pay $140 (USD) for 10 lessons. The Price stays the same between 4 – 6 students. From 7-9 students the price is $90 (USD) for 10 lessons. From 10 – 12 students the price is just $60, which means that each lessons cost each student only $6 and that is incredibly cheap for Norwegian lessons with a certified Norwegian teacher!

Classes will be held twice a week usually between and Norwegian time (that is Central European Time) and the students will receive homework between each lesson. If the timing is not suitable to the students we will consider earlier lessons in the weekends instead. All literature that you´ll need is included in this price and the teacher will send you links to the resources you need.

If you find this offer interesting please send a mail to [email protected] when I have 4 students I will wait for two more weeks to see if we can get more students and a cheaper price for you all. Based on the number of students I will then send you all a payment link. The payment will have to take place up front, due to mixed experiences with payments from students.

Norwegian is a Germanic language like English and German and those of you who know English will realize that there are lots of similarities between the languages, but there are some differences as well of course. The Norwegian grammar is considered simple and it is a lot easier to learn than German. We use the Latin alphabet, and it is the same as the English with the exception of the three vowels Æ æ, Ø ø, Å å.

I´m looking forward to see you in the next Norwegian language class!

Study Norwegian in an Online Class Environment