About The School

Norwegian School Online is a School dedicated to everyone who wants to learn the Norwegian Language and about Norway in general. The School is founded in 2014 and run by Henning Gustavsen.

Henning is a teacher educated at Vestfold University College. He has specialization in Norwegian and English and have several years of teaching practice form various elementary schools and College. He has also been teaching foreigners moving to Norway Norwegian and this is a work that he likes a lot. Henning is also a special needs teacher and have several years of experience for Vestfold Habilitation Center, which is a part of Vestfold Hospital. Currently he is working at Vestfold Assistive Technology Center. In his daily work he have to look for suitable devices for all kinds of people.

Norway has the strongest economy in the world right now and the future looks bright for the Norwegians. We have a lot of immigrants coming to Norway every year for work, but in order to get well-paid jobs they need to speak Norwegian. This is why Henning is offering language courses online. The main teaching tool is Skype and Henning will provide you with the necessary literature and material at no extra cost. Norwegian language lessons can be expensive to foreigners. Norwegian School Online wants to provide a high quality option at half the price most other Language Schools offer. In addition you can bring an extra family member or friend at no extra cost as long as you are on the same language level.