Learn about Norway!


Norwegian School Online is where you start learning about Norway and the Norwegian Language!

The core of the Norwegian School Online (NSO) is the language courses that we offer. Most of our courses follows The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, assessment (CEFR). However we do also have some Norwegian Courses that focus more on the travel aspect and what you need to get a better experience when traveling in Norway. These courses focus both on the language bit, but in addition they give you some insight into Norwegian culture, history as well as some recommendations of some places worth while seeing when you are in Norway. We also offer specific medical terminology in Norwegian, this we have found to be very useful to doctors and nurses moving from other countries.

Norwegian history and Norwegian language history is fascinating. This is why we also offer these courses to our students. The history courses is taught in English as we do not expect everyone who is interested in the history of Norway to be fluent in Norwegian.  An important part of the history courses will be the Viking history.




Learn about Norway!

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