The Norwegian Experience

   Among a very deep set of traditions and culture there is much to be found looking within Norway and its people, including the history and tradition that hold them together. Norwegians are known for their pride and loyalty to regions and their dialects of the language.  With the ability to travel across the beautiful land of Norway mountains, islands and fjords are the availability of numerous cabins for continuous journeys of glory and adventure. These courses of travel are traditional for Norwegian residents and visitors of this beautiful nation alike. For all those considering a Norwegian visit there is a warm and welcoming array with comfortably accepting environment, language and people.

             With amazing love for the holidays and the vibrant traditions that come with them, Norwegian culture remains annually cycled around an entire countdown to Christmas through the month of December, along with plenty of other highly celebratory traditions throughout the year. There is also the creative celebration of Easter as an active event for everyone, skiing the slopes through the holiday and celebrating more as an active party than the Christian events more forced overseas in North America. Curl up with family and friends by the fireplace after days filled with skiing and activity rather than excessive time in church or religious practice. This is definitely a potential celebration of the fact that we are all alive because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for his people, and there is nothing more to be upon the celebration of Easter than happy that we are all still here today.

             One advanced holiday for the Norwegian population is the Midsummer’s Eve, provided for the complete entertainment of the entire beautiful nation. Their love of nature and enjoyment of the longest period of daylight throughout the year turns into a nationwide celebration of their incredible love for the land. Almost as popular as all of those birthdays ending in zero, especially all of those following the 40th, there is much love among the entire community for Midsummer’s Eve. Midsummer’s Eve is also called St. Hans Aften or Jonsokkveld in different parts of the country, both referring to St John the Baptist, whose birthday is the 24 June according to the Catholic calendar. Today Midsummer’s Eve is an opportunity for everyone to gather outdoors in evening sun and have a party including bonfires on the beach. Midsummer’s Eve was a public holiday in Norway until 1771, and has survived as a day off in several communities to this day. In addition, employers are well-known for adding to the celebration of those decade birthdays past 40 in providing a great gift and time to spend with family for further celebration.



             There is also the especially loved Russ Celebration, known for those young adults being a rite of passage into adulthood at the age of 20, earning the receipt of an exceptional celebration based upon the Danish word ‘rus’, the Norwegians updated it to ‘russ’. The origin of the word is Latin and dates back to the 18th Century. When having taken their final exam the pupils got horns on their head and were made fun of by older students. Then they had to stand in front of the Professor and if they passed they could take of the horn. This was a symbol that they no longer were wild animals, but students. This rite has change quite a lot in modern time. In 1904 German students came to Norway and they wore special colored caps. The next year (1905) the Norwegian Russ wore red caps to symbolize their finishing of high-school. Today the 19-year-old students celebration takes place from the beginning of April wearing specially colored overalls and taking trip around various neighborhoods in a bus that blasts music to everyone. The ceremony completes on May 17 when the ‘russ’ crowd the street spraying water on everyone in sight. It is defined of this rite of passage that, “Accomplishments on usually on getting legless or getting laid.” Prime considerations of this ceremony include the amount of alcohol these youth are able to intake in short periods of time they receive prizes of decorations, along with their goal of sex as well. It is all initiation to adulthood, both the fun and diminishing sides of some of those nights with excessive alcohol and whatever else may come!



One unique love among the people of Norway is the connection to firewood and the vast attention that can be given to a beautiful fire placed in a home’s fireplace or even the blazing bonfire present at a cultural event. There is much to be taken in for the natural heating of the home and person through the splitting of firewood and simply watching it burn. With their continuing love of nature and the outdoors Norwegians spend a great deal of activities, events and cultural traditions aligned with the appreciation of mother nature and the overall beauty placed on this earth. With Easter being more a holiday of outdoor activity, primarily skiing, than of Christian celebration there is much to be said for the Norwegian love of nature and the outdoors and working together to praise Mother Nature.

             Continuing pride of their culture, language and history, the Norwegians may not enact in arts and theatre very often but culture is developed deeply and many of the different present arts from plenty of other locations in Europe. Photography and painting are the two arts that remain in practice, and mostly at the hands of the Norwegian children. There is plenty to be appreciated by the middle and upper-middle class of the plays and art shows brought into the country from many other locations. Even though there is no common need to participate in the practice of art, there is always the Norwegian appreciation of their global artistic cultural history. Recognition of Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream is definitely one piece that remains at the head of Norwegian art. There is also the great appreciation of Henrik Ibsen’s historically infamous plays, known internationally as well as those of Shakespeare and many other famous playwrights. Author Knut Hamsun is a Norwegian father of modern literature and contributes significantly to the Norwegian placement in the global world of art and literature.

             Retaining loyalty to the historic literature and art from their country keeps Norwegians on the back of their contribution to the art and culture of the world as a whole. Their language has built an amazing international stance among this artistic placement, considering both the similarity to English grammar and the comfortable nature of this language with international visitors. Though the only Norwegians traditionally known to participate in art are children, the respect and recognition of their historically popular and predominant artistic international presentation is a cultural foundation.

             On top of this amazingly wonderful artistic history, there is much more to be recognized by the Norwegian population. Living among a beautiful country filled with fjords and mountains and plenty of trails worth traveling for the amazement of residents and visitors alike. Plenty of cabins and other rentals are constantly available for vacationing for everyone that could possibly experience the most beautiful environment in the world. The purity of Norway’s land is at the highest priority of their business and interest and maintains a national love for their entire lives.

             A beautiful and romantic population is full of the greatest love for their land and their community and there is nowhere in the world better to experience that as a resident or visitor. It is perfectly incredible for anyone in the world to live out at least a full weekend of the land and people of Norway. It is definitely a land worth both life and enjoyment and worthy of taking your own business and fun for a beautiful view and potential future. There is so much to love of a beautiful land full of people that hold such a connection to each other and their visitors alike.

             So, there is plenty of Norway for everyone around the world to view regarding their beautiful land and history, including this NSO website. All of the benefits of Norwegian culture, community, language and art are available here online and there is no more to benefit than a love of the most amazing people having contributed to the rest of the world. All of those English-speaking individuals across the world are easily warmed up to the Norwegian language and can easily find themselves through the entire nation as both visitors and new residents. All it takes is a little time on the NSO site to take in the wonderfully written Bokmal, the most common written Norwegian Language.

             So, there is nothing more to do than proceed with the Norwegian language and art to advance through the most amazing test of international culture. There is beauty and community to be experienced in Norway and a complete trip through the land for all of the amazing trails and travels available throughout the land. Every moment is the perfect one to experience Norway!

The Norwegian Experience
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