What´s your reason for Learning Norwegian?

Are you learning Norwegian?

What good reasons are there really to learn the Norwegian language?

There are loads of good reasons to why people are learning Norwegian language, however I have decided to list just a few of them here:

1) One of the Easiest languages to learn!

2) Be efficient, learn one language and be intelligible in three!

3) Looking for work? Then learning Norwegian is one of the most profitable languages you can learn!

4) Are you single? The Norwegian girls are good looking! They have Viking blood in their vanes and will give you some beautiful strong children.

5) Do you like nature? Norway is often described as Europe´s final wilderness!

6) Are you struggling to get a residence permit in Europe or the US? Then the Norwegian island Svalbard might be the perfect place for you. Don´t expect to get any financial aid what so ever in this place. If you can´t provide for yourself you will get kicked out. This is the home of the Polar bear and as long as you can provide for yourself virtually anyone can move to Svalbard.


What´s your reason for Learning Norwegian?